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Project Lighthouse is a data driven artificial intelligence engine that provides the Federal Ministry of Finance (FMF) with an intelligence and profiling platform to aid in policy formulation, implementation and assessing the impacts of these policies.

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Data: The new oil

Data can unlock ways of helping Nigeria plan for and respond to some of the biggest challenges facing the nation in areas such as health, social, security and indigenous affairs

Profiling Engine

A database engine for revenue generation, profiling & optimization purposes. It highlights anomalies in revenue forecast, performance & provides relevant information about revenue generating entities.

Decision making

An Artificial Intelligence engine that provides the FMF and Revenue stakeholders (including Tax authorities) with empirical data to make informed decisions.

Verify your debt status with ease

The Debt recovery capability of Lighthouse provides the government with up to date records into its credit status by harmonizing debt records across all MDAs within the country, give debtors access to a platform to view and offset debt in a seamless and secured manner as well as strengthen the institutional framework for enforcement and management of the Federal Debt Recovery plan.

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Objectives Of Lighthouse

The objective of Lighthouse is to aggregate data from key data sources and provide the intelligence and profiling engine for more efficient and intelligent data-driven processes. The platform would become the “single source of truth” for revenue and tax-related intelligence that will support the Ministry, its agencies, revenue agencies, tax authorities and other stakeholders to be better positioned to address the revenue challenges faced by the country.

Lighthouse would also be used to gather and analyze financial and revenue related data from multiple but related sources, using Big data analytics tools to ‘connect the dots’ between different data sets. All these will be done to:

  • Support the ministry to deliver on its statutory mandate, especially in guiding policy formulations.
  • Track the implementation of the Strategic Revenue Growth Initiatives (SRGI) and other revenue initiatives.
  • Measure the impact of the Ministry’s policies, programmes and initiatives.
  • Collect, analyze and share revenue related intelligence with its agencies and other stakeholders.
  • Identify opportunities for new revenue streams across the public finance ecosystem.
  • Optimize existing revenue streams, especially non-oil revenues.

Project Lighthouse Is Subdivided Into Four (4) Broad Categories:

Revenue Performance

This captures current and historic performance across the oil and non-oil revenue sectors and to track current year revenue on a month-on-month basis for efficient monitoring, reconciliation and determination of variance for the purpose of effective management and coordination of these revenue agencies.

Revenue Improvement

This is aimed at providing information to help enhance the present revenue generation efforts of the Government through revenue optimization and recovery of accrued debts to the government.

Debt Recovery

The Debt Recovery capability was designed to help the Federal Ministry of Finance, Budget and National Planning establish a platform for all MDAs to report on all Lighthouse System Closeout Report debtors, with details of the debtors and the outstanding amount due. It also gives the MDAs access to the platform to update debt records progressively.

Sub-national revenue support

Support states with insights and intelligence on the state’s revenue performance and identify how to improve on the revenue shortfalls and budget deficits of the states.

News Updates

Feb 1, 2020

Nigerian govt identifies 130,000 individuals, firms likely culpable in tax underpayment

The data mining efforts of the federal government, PROJECT LIGHTHOUSE through the Federal Ministry of.

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Honourable Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Zainab Shamsuna Ahmed
Dec 3, 2018

Finance Minister sets up Project Lighthouse to boost revenue

The Minister of Finance, Mrs Zainab Ahmed has inaugurated the Steering Committee for “Project Lighthouse” to boost the revenue.

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