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As part of the Federal Government's broader effort to address the perennial revenue shortfalls experienced across the system, the Honourable Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning (FMFBNP), Dr (Mrs) Zainab Shamsuna Ahmed on 30th September 2019 issued a finance circular for the consolidation of all list of government debtors across all Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) through Project Lighthouse Debt Recovery Functionality. This platform allows Companies registered with the CAC including Government vendors and Contractors to ascertain if their organization is indebted to the Government and also provide access for direct reconciliation. The steps for the verification of your company's debt status is easy:

  • 1

    Signup to get your company registered - You would have to provide (CAC) Registration Number, (FIRS) TIN, Company's address and contact information.

  • 2

    Signin to the Lighthouse Debt Verification Database - Upon successful completion, your login credentials (Username and Password) is sent shortly to the unique contact email address provided. You would need to check your mail for the credential (i.e. Username and Password) .

  • 3

    Using your username and password, Signin to the Verification Database to see information regarding your organization debt status.

  • 4

    Upon verification, your company is either classified as "Indebted" or "Not available".

  • 5

    In the event your organization is classified as ‘'Indebted'', the details of debt owed to the government is shown alongside a virtual access for direct resolution.

  • N.B

    No payment is for the verification.

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